Project Activities

The following are initial activities underway across each of the five focus areas of the Loop 101 Mobility Project. Information will be updated to reflect current activities:

Decision Support System for Loop 101 ICM

Loop 101 will integrate decision-support system (DSS) capabilities to help inform and enhance response to incidents on the freeway, support freeway/arterial coordination and improve overall agency communications. This DSS will be developed through several iterative tasks. MCDOT is leading technical development tasks in partnership with all Loop 101 Mobility Program stakeholders and partners.

  • Operations Plan – complete
  • Concept of Operations – update in progress
  • High Level Requirement Specifications – in progress

Adaptive Signal Control Technology – Glendale

Adaptive signal control technologies will be implemented in Glendale near the Stadium to better support special event traffic management. This task is being led by MCDOT and the City of Glendale.

  • Concepts and Requirements – complete
  • Procurement – complete
  • Implementation – complete

Adaptive Ramp Metering Coordination

ADOT is implementing adaptive ramp metering capabilities along the Loop 101 corridor through several different projects over the next two years. This task will identify strategies to coordinate adaptive ramp meter implementation and operations. ADOT is the lead agency for ramp meter implementation, operations and coordination.

  • Existing Conditions – complete
  • Full implementation – complete

Connected Vehicle Applications for Transit and Emergency Vehicles – Scottsdale

The Loop 101 Mobility project will implement and pilot connected vehicle technologies with transit and incident response vehicles in a limited pilot area of North Scottsdale. MCDOT, City of Scottsdale and the University of Arizona are leading technical tasks.

  • Readiness Assessment – complete
  • Requirements and Procurement Documentation – in progress

Traveler Mobility Application

This task will implement capabilities to connect travelers with information to support travel and trip decision-making on the Loop 101 corridor. Specific needs will be defined during the Operations Plan and Concept of Operations tasks. The partners intend to explore potential partnerships with private sector technology providers to enable these capabilities. ADOT is leading this task.

  • Industry Request for Information